Asset Protection

Asset Protection

Our firm provides highly specialized legal services devoted to asset protection and estate planning matters.

Privacy and Protection

Many of our clients have business or personal assets they wish to protect. They are concerned about being seen as potential “Deep Pocket” defendants, attracting frivolous or unwarranted lawsuits from business associates, employees, governmental regulators and others seeking an easy or vulnerable target. These clients seek a high degree of privacy for their business and financial affairs and maximum protection for their available assets.

Real Estate Protection Strategies

Some clients own investment real estate such as apartment buildings or commercial properties with significant value. In these cases our approach is twofold: First, it is necessary to minimize potential liability to the client arising from the ownership of these assets. Simply stated, we want to protect the client’s other assets from any lawsuit associated with the property. Second, it is necessary to protect the equity in the property from any type of claim against the client. The legal structure, which we create, is designed to accomplish these results.

Physicians and other Professionals

Professionals such as physicians, dentists and lawyers face a constant threat of lawsuits–from patients, clients and government agencies. These clients need to protect property in their practice (equipment and accounts receivable) as well as their home, investments and other personal assets.

The Asset Protection Plans, which we create, are based upon the unique circumstances involved and the privacy and protection objectives of each individual client. Offshore and domestic trusts, family limited liability companies, domestic and international limited liability companies, foreign corporations and private banking arrangements can be used either alone or in combination with other techniques to accomplish these goals.

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