Business Planning

Business Planning

Corporate Planning, Formation, Operation and Acquisition

Nici Law Firm provides various corporate services including the formation and funding of start-up businesses and succession planning, buying and selling practices, assets, divisions and companies, engaging in private stock offerings and re-sales, structuring venture capital financing, forming off-shore sales and sourcing entities, structuring commercial and partnering transactions and syndicating real property acquisitions.

Nici Law Firm also provides sophisticated legal services and valuable advice, assisting clients in drafting their business’s governing documentation, fundamental business formation (including joint ventures, limited partnerships, limited liability companies and corporations), advising companies and investors in the purchase, sale and mergers of businesses as well as providing legal advice related to closely-held family business and succession planning for the next generation.

We believe the life of each business entity and the underlying ownership for each entity is unique and deserve the level of expertise, which Nici Law Firm can provide.  From pre-startup planning and implementation, through the unlimited variety of company transitions including the negotiation and final sale of either the business entity or specified assets, our team of experts are capable and eager to meet your corporate needs.

Annual Maintenance Program (“AMP”)

As you may be aware, if you have a Florida business of any kind, there are several record keeping items that need to be completed each year in order to keep the business active and in compliance with Florida law.

The annual maintenance of your Corporation, Partnership or Limited Liability Company is very important. As a service to our clients, Nici Law Firm also provides an Annual Maintenance Program (“AMP”) that helps businesses maintain their records in accordance with Florida law.  Specifically, under our AMP, Nici Law Firm prepares and files the Annual Report with the State of Florida, Division of Corporations, Annual Meeting and Minutes, Actions Taken by the Manager or Officers, Maintain the Records Book and will act as Registered Agent on whom process may be served and will notify the business owners of any service of process.

Please let us know if you are interested in the Annual Maintenance Program (“AMP”) and we will be happy to provide you with enrollment information and associated fees.